Is DHS Responsible for Basement Mold Farm?

Is the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services killing Eugene Phelps?

That’s what Phelps believes.

The Chicago resident lives in a water damaged house, dating back from when a water pipe broke in the basement during a bathroom remodel. In April 2004, Phelps was found to be eligible for DHS home services. Buffalo Grove-based Lang Home Medical Equipment made the modifications to Phelps’ bathroom and installed a water heater, sump pump and tub.

Phelps was told that someone would come back in a few weeks to fix it, but they did not come back until three months later, and when they finally came, the pipe was duct-taped shut. The still leaking pipe has resulted in serious mold and mildew infestation. His doctor is recommending Phelps move out of the house, but he’s lived there for thirty years.

A mold inspection revealed toxic mold throughout the basement.

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