Allergies on the Rise with Mold

Did you know that your summer cold symptoms might be caused by mold?

Fever and chills, cough and chest tightness,muscle aches are normally attributed to a respiratory illness; and that illness might be the result of a mold allergy. Exposure to these natural, biological contaminants doesn’t affect everyone exactly the same way, but even those who are currently unaffected may become allergic at any time. Allergies develop because of exposure.

Be on the lookout for the moldy smell, or leaks under cabinets, behind walls, under pipes.

The sooner you arrest the spread of water and humidity, the sooner you get the mold under control.

You can have your home tested for mold to see what kinds you have growing there. Bear in mind that the mold you are allergic to might not be “toxic black” mold, but some other kind that just happens to grow in your area. People are sensitive to mold spores, just as they are sensitive to pollen.

Your local mold inspector can help you find the sources of the mold by testing. They should have electronic devices which are calibrated to measure moisture content and heat behind walls. This can save you a lot of unnecessary destruction. Chances are that if the area is free of moisture, it is likely free of mold as well.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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