And a Moldy New Year….

So you’ve got your house all winterized. All the cold air is outside, and all the warm air inside, and you’ve got moisture barriers, and insulation, and caulking and maybe some extra plastic here and there for good measure.

So don’t be surprised if your air starts getting a little stale. That furnace system of yours is recirculating all that pet dander, cigarette smoke, mold, mold spores, dust mites that’s in the ambient air. And you thought all you had to worry about was stale cooking odors. Of course, if you have a central air system, at least you have some filtration.

And let’s hope your tightly winterized house doesn’t have an inside leak, or trapped humidity somewhere like a bathroom or crawlspace. Because even in winter, mold can grow, given a little moisture, oxygen and something organic to grow on.

Don’t be surprised if that winter cold you have is really a winter allergy. So maybe before you head for the neighborhood pharmacy for your cold meds, get your house some mold meds. Pay a visit to your doctor for a scratch test, and look into getting your house tested for mold.

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