Another Mold Lawsuit: Over or not?

After a tornado ripped the roof of a house, and caused water damage inside, the insurance company hired Apex to examine the house. Mold was reported, but the owners weren’t informed. The family had the house demolished; the insurance company paid $98,000, the policy limit, as a result of the demolition.

Later the couple filed a lawsuit alleging that Larry Taylor suffered personal injury from the mold and that Apex and the insurance company were negligent in not the owners about the mold. Larry Taylor died while the lawsuit was pending. The judge did dismissed the case at the insurance company’s request. The late state legislator was the son of former U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor. Gay Taylor is the widow of Larry Gene Taylor and personal estate representative. She is appealing the trial court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit against Fire Insurance Exchange, Napoleon Roybal and Apex Environmental Consultants Inc.

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