Are Health Care Professionals Confirming Mold is a Health Risk?

There’s a group, MOLD TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA, which is creating a certification platform for healthcare providers.

Who knows, this may revolutionize the prosecution of landlords or sellers of faulty drywall or other responsible parties by finally defining direct lines of cause and effect between mold and illness. Oh yes, they know it is there, but there’s a reluctance or an inability for the law to recognize the connection.

Here’s the platform of promises presented by the Mold Treatment Centers Of America:

  • Solid education as to the medical scope and diseases caused by these types of exposures.
  • Understanding of the correct diagnostic procedures and medical tests to be implemented.
  • Education as to the interpretation of the laboratory results.
  • Education regarding treatment different protocols.
  • Education as to the management of patient expectations.
  • Marketing support and patient screening.
  • Access to the very latest medical testing and treatment procedures.
  • Live support.
  • Assistance in staffing and training.
  • Access to Proprietary Products that work.
  • Assistance in the patient intake interview.
  • Assistance in patient assessment.
  • Assistance in patient diagnostics.
  • Education in the applications of prescription medications and supplements.
  • Review of patient journals.
  • ICD 9-10 and CPT coding.
  • Education in environmental exposures and how they occur.
  • Education regarding all of the human pathogens involved in these exposures.
  • Education regarding the specific needs in this group of patients.
  • Learning how to evaluate the patient intake form and the importance of patient’s social and medical histories.
  • Understanding the progression of past symptoms and current symptoms.
  • The application of additional onsite medical testing.
  • The application of onsite neurocognitive function testing and neuropsychological testing.
  • The understanding of the pathogen(s) chemical equations / processes in the human body.
  • Understanding the causal connection of the environmental pathogens to the direct causation of disease in the human body.
  • Understanding the legal consequence and impact to the patient.
  • The interpretation of the patients environmental reports.
  • Education regarding what environmental reports are correct for the patient to obtain, to aid the patient in medical diagnosis and litigation.
  • How to become an expert witness. How to function when interacting with law firms, courtrooms and the Judicial system

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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