Arnold Man is interviewed, talks about Mold

On being interviewed by Greg Harmon, the author of “They’re Poisoning Us” said this about mold: “They’re Poisoning us!” is interviewed and talks about mold. A quote from the interview:
“They had very high levels of mold and bacteria in the air-handling units in the HVAC system that was servicing all four quadrants of the building — they had 600 employees working three shifts. Mold-infested ceiling tiles, the carpeting and the insulation. One of the big problems that was found was that the building was under negative pressure, it wasn’t getting enough fresh air in. And when you opened the door, some of the employees said it was like being sucked in. When a building is under negative pressure there’s a tendency to have condensation form on the inside walls, which is just a recipe for mold growth. When they peeled off the carpeting from the inside walls, the employees reported the walls were just covered with black mold. They were also spraying pesticides inside the air-handling system and around the employees themselves while they were working. So there were several toxic situations going on there.”

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