Baking Soda vs Fungus

The latest scientific study we have uncovered regarding the Antifungal Activity of Sodium Bicarbonate Against Fungal Agents Causing Superficial Infections. comes from an abstract of Mycopathologia, a study which is not yet published.

The study investigates antifungal activity of baking soda on the three fungal groups (yeasts, dermatophytes and molds) responsible for human skin and nail infections.

Please note that this study is not examining a household cleaner but examining the efect of Baking Soda on molds that cause infection.

The study evaluates in vitro antifungal activity against 70 fungal strains isolated from skin and nail infections: 40 dermatophytes, 18 yeasts and 12 molds.

Their conclusion when published will specify what they find to be the effective concentrations for the different groups of pathogenic fungi although “The mechanism of action of SB has yet to be explored.”

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