Blogging and the Power of Venting

No one likes to nag.

Or at least, no one I know likes to nag. At least I don’t like to nag. But the one and only benefit of the act of nagging is action. It can drive a person to do what needs to be done, be it taking out the dishes or cleaning up after the dog, or maybe doing a little mold remediation. Nagging is like that boxer who pounds the same spot over and over, until it just is too much to deal with and can no longer be ignored. All right already, I’ll DO it…

Having a blog can allow one to broadcast that nag in a big way. One is not quite so powerless when dealing with issues that deserve attention if one can broadcast, from the sanctity of one’s own kitchen table, that, for example, that the utility company turned up the water pressure in your condo so high that all the pipe junctures to the toilets suddenly started leaking simultaneously, causing 3 separate leaks from 3 separate bathrooms, for no discernible reason… *(until your plumber asked who the hell turned your water pressure up so high.) Hence, this rainy spring may well be the season when readers around the world log in to their internet and see blogs complaining about mold, and about landlords who do nothing to make mold repairs.

So you landlords out there, best pay attention to your tenants. If you ignore your tenant’s complaints, you may well find your dirty laundry being aired on the internet. And if you need your premises tested for mold, give us a call.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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