Breaking the Mold Ecosystem

Mold requires its own special ecosystem with three elements: moisture, food and warmth. Mold finds this special ecosystem not only where you can see it in your bathroom, but inside your walls, in your attic, and in your crawlspace. Neither private nor public facilities are immune if all three factors are available, but the infestation may vary according to season–and the intensity also may vary contingent on the degree of all three factors.

Mold is one of those pesky things–like rats and cockroaches which are comfortable where humans are comfortable. Your warm and moist habitat is ideal for mold–but mold will also eat your house-the cellulose in your house is mold’s favorite food source, cellulose: cellulose drywall, carpets and dander.

So when you send in the technicians of ByeBye Mold, their state-of-the-art inspection of the property using infrared cameras to detect mold colonies not yet visible to the naked eye is just the beginning.

Sampling is done throughout the property; and air quality readings detect airborne mold. Labs take the samples for analysis and the results provide a clear understanding of the level and type of mold. Findings help determine the defense–how mold will be removed and what measures must be taken to prevent future infestation. Technicians will be able to interpret the results and go over them with the homeowner to consider the next steps.

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