Burning Your Moldy Hotel Room NOT RECOMMENDED

We heard about Richard Goodwin, staying at a Phoenix hotel who was unhappy with the water leak and the black mold he was living with there. And while black mold and standing water do tend to pall as roommates, there’s a better solution than his mold removal solution, which was to set his room on fire. Allegedly.

When you visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s web page, they say nothing about recommending arson as a mold removal control method. And when they talk about black mold, it is not black from soot. We believe it is a deliberate omission, and recommend strongly against arson for any reason, even for mold lobbyists, psychotic reactionaries and little green men.

Apparently Goodwin first set a chair on fire, then put it in his closet, then called 911 to report it. What did he tell them on the phone? Help? There’s a chair burning itself in my closet? Fortunately, a hotel worker saw the smoke, found the chair burning in the closet and removed it prior to the arrival of the fire department. Meanwhile, Goodwin denied setting the fire. (One wonders if he claimed the chair set itself on fire.) Then Goodwin admitted setting the fire, then said his motive was the mold made him do it. See, he had to draw attention to the mold problem in his room. But this is apparently not his first time. Last time he was unhappy, he set curtains on fire. (It was another room. He did not say if mold made him do that too, or if it was something else, like outgassing, sick building syndrome or maybe channeling the ghost of Catherine O’Leary ) And maybe it was something completely different that caused him to attempt to set an electrical outlet on fire at a completely different location. Perhaps when Goodwin gets out of prison or the psyche ward, he can find an honorable profession where he can legally burn things on plates, like practicing cookery at a local greasy spoon.

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