Catching and preventing Indoor Mold Problems

You can help prevent mold with some planning ahead of time.

Mold spores travel through the air and when they land on moisture, they grow, and propagate. Indoor mold growth can cause health problems like allergy, asthma attacks and pneumonia, especially in children, the elderly and those who are ill.

If you detect visible mold, it can be scrubbed with a bleach solution. Make sure you dry the area. Search out the leak, because if there was mold growing, there’s a moisture source somewhere.

Inspect drainage systems, gutters and downspouts.

Look for standing puddles

Remove debris in the drains

Also inspect doors, windows, and exterior light fixtures for leaks

Check to see that roof is waterproof. Call a qualified roofing company if necessary. (The same with plumbing/plumbers.)

Make sure there are no foundation cracks leading to water seepage.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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