Control the moisture, control the mold

For mold prevention, you need to control the moisture. It is not just unsightly. Mold can impact your home value, and your health.

Mold can cause common respiratory symptoms, or ongoing symptoms of asthma and upper respiratory infection.

Thousands of kinds of mold occur in nature, but they need moisture to grow. In nature molds break down and digest vegetation. You don’t want them to digest your house; the easiest prevention is to control moisture. Microscopic spores float in the air and begin to grow when a spore finds food moisture and begins to consume the building materials of which your home is made.

So it sounds simple enough. Prevent mold growth by keeping your home environment dry.

Prevent water from outside (leaks, windows leak, crawlspace) by inspection and repairing any flaws you find. In damp areas like a bathroom, run exhaust fan 30-90 minutes after showering till the area is dry. Make sure the air is vented to the outdoors. Inside your house, one of your best tools is a ventilation system. (You know there is too much humidity when condensation on your walls or windows.) Also you can use an inexpensive relative humidity gauge to tell you how full the air is of moisture.Your home should be at thirty to fifty percent.

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