County employee dying during Mold Trial

Because Beverly Forest, one of nine affected plaintiffs who worked in the Monterey County District, has a compromised immune system after cancer treatment, she is in danger of not surviving to the conclusion of her two-year-old moldy office claim.

Environmental conditions at the West Gabilan Street known as “the Annex” 
 caused her illness and the DA’s office exacerbated it.

Mold in the building caused shortness of breath, recurring headaches, itchy eyes and bloody noses.

Mediation failed. The case goes to court in Monterey County Oct. 29. 

There’s a history of mold.

The 2002 flood from a burst pipe led to mold, confirmed by inspectors.

Either the subsequent clean up by Disaster Kleenup Specialists failed to eradicate the problem or the problem re-occurred.

Two months after the county claimed “no verifiable health hazards,” a Cal/OSHA inspector diagnosed the building with “sick-building syndrome.” 

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