Do You Have Mold in Your Apartment?

Mold is a health hazard and living in a mold-infested apartment can cause serious health issues including lung diseases, asthma, and allergies.

Therefore, if you think your apartment is prone to mold-infestation, here a few tips that can help you address this situation:

  1. Take steps to reduce moisture in the susceptible areas, especially bathroom and kitchen. Using fans and opening the windows in these areas can go a long way in this regard.
  2. Make sure to open all the windows in your apartment for at least 5 – 10 minutes every day. Improving overall ventilation discourages mold growth.
  3. Dusty, moist surfaces provide an ideal condition for mold growth. Therefore, try to increase the frequency of dusting/cleaning the window frames and outside of your toilet tank.

Meanwhile, have your home tested for mold to ensure a healthy life for your family.

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