Do you think your Mold is Depressing? Guess what?

A study by epidemiologist Edmond Shenassa has linked mold to depression.

Are you surprised?

Shenassa found a connection between damp, moldy homes and depression. The results of the investigation were published in American Journal of Public Health.

Causative factors include a lack of control over the housing environment, and mold-related health problems such as wheezing, fatigue and a cold or sore throat. Shenassa said that given the results of the current study, he wouldn’t be surprised if there were a cause-and-effect association. Molds are toxins, and some research has indicated that these toxins can affect the nervous system or the immune system.

Shenassa, E. D., Daskalakis, C., Liebhaber A., Braubach, M., & Brown, M. J. (2007). Dampness and mold in the home and depression: An examination of possible pathways. American Journal of Public Health.

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