Does the Fox Guard Your Henhouse?

There’s an old saying “Don’t let the fox guard the henhouse.” It comes from an even older Latin saying, “Ovem lupo commitere.” There should be an Aesop’s fable covering this, but there’s not, so I’m making one up.

Once upon a time, a farmer had made friends with the fox who came daily to look at the henhouse. The day came when the farmer set the friendly fox to guard the chicken house. Of course, chicks and chickens came up missing–because, after all, a fox is a fox is a fox.

(Well, Aesop, I’m not.)

But it makes the point–do not assign a job to someone who can exploit it for their own ends. It is setting the scene for failure.

This is why ByeBye Mold asks “How can a company that tests for mold also do the remediation without a conflict of interest?” The answer is they can’t.

ByeBye Mold tests for mold, but does not do the remediation. Byebye Mold has no vested interest in whether or not your property tests negative or positive for mold.

The irresistable face of the fox is brought to you by the magic of Microsoft clip art

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