Exserohilum rostratum

Exserohilum rostratum may be a mold you’re not on a first name basis with, but its the black mold that’s been in the news the most lately. Exserohilum rostratum is the specific mold behind the fungal meningitis that has affected individuals who got contaminated steroid shots. The mold came from a non-sterile location with a leaking boiler that caused significant mold growth. The biggest risk for getting sick seems to be within 42 days of receiving back injections, and the farther out from receiving an injection, the lower risk becomes. Exserohilum species are commonly found in soil and on plants, especially grasses. Several species have been reported as agents of phaeohyphomycosis, notably E. rostratum (= E. halodes), E. meginnisii and E. longirostratum.

The FDA found an unopened vial that tested positive for Exserohilum rostratum. This is significant for those who have been affected, enabling a starting point for the eventual lawsuits. Everyone in the supply and distribution chain may be held accountable.

Black mold in the body is treatable with a drug named voriconazole.

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