Georgia is up the River without a Paddle

Florida flood victims may have it bad, but they’re better off than the flood victims in South Georgia. In one Georgia county, they’re drinking bottled water because health officials haven’t declared the water safe to drink. Neighbors right across the Florida state line qualify for acceptance.

On both sides of the border, houses have 4-feet high mold lines every room. Residents will be forced to replace the sheetrock when everything dries. Unfortunately on the Georgia side, the federal government isn’t likely to provide any help in repairing or replacing property.

The accumulated losses in Georgia fell short of the qualifying threshold.

Charlton County’s emergency management director Monroe “Bo” Todd said “it’s unfair that 15 households forced from their homes by floodwaters in the south end of the county can’t qualify for federal aid. It’s the same storm that qualified Florida residents for help.” It all depends on the assessments by Federal emergency officials touring South Georgia. If the damage is extensive, residents could “quite possibly” qualify for help. Money is distributed on our lines of jurisdiction. Although it’s not on the magnitude of Florida, the struggle [for Georgia residents] is apparent.”

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