Governmental Mold Fraud? Is the Government Downplaying the Damage?

Did an INNOCENT WOMAN go to jail for exposing a fraud in California health policy?

She made a lot of noise about false science. US public health policy and US courts downplayed mold damage, claiming that it had been scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm occupants, workers and school children.

On February 10th Sharon Noonan Kramer went to jail. She refused to be silenced by the California judicial system. Litigation against her is to try to stop her from bringing it to public light that the US Chamber of Commerce was behind the policy and in US courts.

She explains “he US Chamber sued me for libel in 2005, for five words within the first public writing of how the science fraud came to be and who all was involved in mass marketing it. The courts backed the wrong horse in the Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation – when courts are not suppose to bet at all. They are suppose to rule on facts of a case.”

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