How Can a AIr Purifier Help this Moldy House?

A problem with mold is that when it is dry, it sends out spores into the air.

So how do you get them out of circulation?

By filtration, of course.

Air purifiers reduce mold spores from the air inside your home, by circulating the air through filters that catch the spores.

It is certainly a good idea to control mold by decreasing the areas where it can find a hospitable environment, but also, taking the spores out of the air is another way to help reduce the occurrence of mold.

It is up to you to compare the technical specs on various air filters on the market to determine which are the best for you. Things to consider are how many filters are used, the lifetime of those filters (and whether or not they will be replaceable, or if you will be scrambling to find replacement filters in six months), whether or not the unit has a hepa filter, the noise output, energy consumption (energy star?), the room size (cubic feet of air space) and exchange rate, portability, etc. And there are whole house air filters which can reduce the wear and tear on central Heating/AC units.

And of course, the air filter does not solely concentrate on mold. Other particles such as pollen, pet dander and fur that can offend your respiratory system are also trapped by the filter. Remember to change it regularly.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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