Hyperbaric Healing for Mold Victims

According to the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, hyperbaric medicine traditionally was the treatment for decompression sickness, but they believe their use should not stop there. Hyperbaric chambers are airtight chambers (called “hard-shelled” in the industry, where the atmospheric pressure is raised up to a ceiling of 87 psi, and a new time of “soft chamber which can go up to 7.3 psi above atmospheric pressure.

The reason that I am mentioning hyperbaric chambers here, in this mold blog is because among new and non-traditional uses, hyperbaric chambers are being used for other problems in healing…among them, mold exposure.

Other coalitions of doctors, parents and patients are dedicated to the integrity and dissemination of modern hyperbaric medicine, and they attest that one treatment for illnesses attributed to mold exposure is controlled oxygen treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. Some people use hyperbaric chambers to clean mold from books.

Some doctors who believe that high density oxygen has a fungicidal effect. The treatment is administered by a doctor, usually takes an hour or two, and will be repeated at specified intervals (weekly) as the condition is tracked. The treatment is simple. It involves getting into a chamber and napping, reading or watching video.

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