Ill Resident of Moldy Albany Housing Contemplates Settlement

Albany Housing Authority has said that 160-unit North Albany Homes on the city’s far northern border is plagued by a construction defect that allows water to seep behind siding and windows. It’s a problem the AHA is trying to fix after throwing $750,000 at the problem, to replace siding and rotted plywood. Mold outside 24 units was addressed, according to the AHA.

Residents like Ara Powell believe that mold issues in her public-housing unit are making her family sick.

$1500 worth of testing by an environmental firm found mold in the unit. Exterior siding removed from her home and other nearby buildings revealed rotting plywood and moldy insulation. Powell’s problems surround overall ventilation, an overpacked closet and a leaky window. Powell, who pays $700/month is an out of work a phlebotomist recovering from recent surgery,and is seeking a financial settlement.

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