Indiana Apartments Subject to Mold infestation, Possible Lawsuits

Ulocladium is considered a a major allergen

Mold examiners inspected three Kensard Manor units. According to the inspectors analysis, all mold discussed in the media has been properly remediated. A number of residents have moved out due to illness blamed on the mold in the apartments. On a strip test on one family’s sliding glass door, SanAir Technologies Laboratory microbiologists found 2,000 spores / cm sq. of Ulocladium and 10,000 spores / cm sq. of Cladosporium in insulation on a day when the outdoor count was nearly zero.

Two Mishawaka families, Zola Blivin and the Rael family, have moved out and may be filing lawsuits. Blivin has battled pneumonia, extreme fatigue and weight loss because of toxic mold in her apartment; the Raels have a chronically ill infant.

Kensard Manor’s parent company, MS Sandpiper Apartments LLC is based in Chesterton.

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