Jury Rejects Claims

Catastrophic Brain Injury From Mold
While the victim’s (Steve White) injury was significant and traumatic, the jury decided that in this case there was no credible evidence to support his claim of “Allergic Fungal Sinusitis.”

Lawyers need not despair for the category of mold/environmental case law , however, because contributing to the loss of this particular case was testimony of the victim’s former girlfriend who referred to the victim’s eviction from a former apartment after he created a dangerous condition from mold from his own fish tank.

First came the victim’s toxic mold exposure from his apartment in the Simi Valley apartment complex, then he contracted allergic fungal sinusitis from which he developed a brain abscess, leading to permanent neurological damage. On January 9, 2005, the victim had emergency surgery to treat his condition and the law suit was filed on June 30.

Catastrophic injury from alleged mold exposure is difficult to prove. The problem is in proving causation between mold and illness. There is no one disease exclusively linked to mold, and mold exposure symptoms tend to occur only in its presence and tend to disappear at the end of exposure, although it sometimes incurs lasting effects.

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