Letter to the Editor:

In the past 7 years, Our company has probably collected more mold samplesfor laboratory analysis than any other company in the U.S. Our reports are based on the assessment and laboratory results report. WE ARE IN THE MOLD ASSESSMENT & TESTING BUSINESS and I have always felt that if we did mold remediation it would be a cross-over to an absolute conflict of interest.

We are even careful about recommending remediation companies because we feel that even that is borderline. To get around that we send client a list of companies that includes companies we’ve had experience with and some that are straight out of the Yellow Pages and we do this without distinguishing which is which.

I have always been critical of Termite Inspectors because you are at the mercy of the inspector who will get a job if he finds an issue. No pun intended to the industry. What I’m saying is that these inspectors are licensed but not restricted to do both. I see that the bill being introduced will preclude the cross over, that’s good.

Finally, I feel the same way about laboratories across the country that do the laboratory analysis and also the mold assessments and collecting of mold samples.

George Hatcher
Bye Bye Mold, Inc.


Original article: Madison sees need to license mold pros BY BILL BOWDEN Posted on Saturday, March 14, 200

State Sen. Sue Madison, DFayetteville, filed a bill in the Arkansas Senate on March 5 that would require mold investigators to be licensed by the state and won’t allow mold investigators also to perform mold remediation.

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