Looking the Free Inspection Gift Horse in the Mouth

A horse’s teeth wear down with use but they never stop growing. The age of a horse can be determined in general by its teeth because changes occur at different ages, from the “full” mouth of teeth at one year to the longer, ungrooved out-sloping teeth of a twenty-year old.; so even if one does not know the actual age of the horse, inspecting its teeth can tell you more accurately of its age. The saying refers really to politeness in gift giving-if someone gives you a gift, it is rude to critique their gift. But in the sense of a free mold inspection, like the secrets lying in the horse’s mouth, there may be underlying reasons behind a free mold inspection.

Perhaps you see free inspections out there, and you wonder why an inspection company might give away their services for free. Offhand, I think of at least four rationales for this. No doubt there are more.

One reason why inspection companies would have free inspections is for training purposes. Perhaps there might be a new investigator who would be doing his first (solo) inspection–or even a new company first hanging out their shingle. One would expect the trainee to have already gone through academic training, and would have already been walked through a number of actual inspections. This kind of first inspection might be offered to a new inspector’s family member of a property which is most likely not infested by mold but which might have some mild.

A second reason related to business or developing business in a new area. Consider areas that have recently undergone severe rain, flooding, or precipitation disaster of one kind or another. The whole area is going to develop mold issues. It makes sense for a mold company to get public attention by arriving on a street, even your street. The first inspector into a disaster-ridden neighborhood is likely to have their foot in the door for all the new clients in need of the same services in the neighborhood. This makes a lot of real-world sense, since most service jobs are earned through word of mouth recommendations. That first free inspection is likely to result in opening up an unlimited number of paying clients in the immediate area.

A third reason for free mold inspections is philanthropy. It is not unheard of for inspectors to read news events where individuals are subjected to mold in public or rental housing, or housing which has been badly zoned. There may well be unapparent additional reasons for the inspections. Such reasons should be laid out in the inspection contract, whether they may be a scientific study, a medical study, or background investigation by insurance companies or law firms for potential cases. If one such offer comes your way, the contract should fully disclose any of these contexts.

A fourth and most obvious reason for free mold inspections is that the mold company also does renovations and clean-up, or might even make most of its income from such cleanup services. In such a case, very free inspection results in a potential remodeling or remediation contract. *

*Note that byebyemold.com does not do that–Byebyemold exclusively does inspections for mold.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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