Mold Allergy

Not all mold is lethal. Some molds are actually poisonous; but most are intrinsically harmless. Part of the problem with mold is that people have the capacity to develop responses to harmless mold.

We develop allergies. We develop allergic sensitization all kinds of harmless and random things. Peanuts. Polyester. Mouthwash. Aloe. Mango. Pineapple. Moisturizer. Mold.

As with any other allergen, mold allergy is the body’s maladaptive immune system response. An allergic response can be like a cold: wheezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, rash, hives. Sometimes the mold exposure is food related (peanuts, cheese, pickled items are big culprits); sometimes it is in response to physical contact (contact dermatitis) and sometimes it is respiratory. As mold is present in most indoor and outdoor spaces, it is difficult to completely eliminate. But a reasonable course of action, if you have a mold allergy, or if you have children, the elderly or the sick in your home, is to control the mold as much as possible. This means eliminating any leaks and high humidity; completing remediation if necessary, and possibly filtering the air.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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