Mold at Ashbrook High

Mold at Ashbrook High. Sounds like one of those 50s horror movies, right?

Ashbrook High is joining that list of schools that has been rushing to get mold cleaned up before classes begin. In fact, they may be working twice as hard as other schools. This is because they’ve had to clean up twice.

55 classrooms have been cleaned up after mold was discovered in the furniture; then it was discovered again after it had supposedly been eliminated.

When mold comes back, it is obvious that the circumstances favorable to mold growth have not been eliminated: water, humidity and spores are going to keep coming together and producing a mold crop until the circumstances are made unfavorable to mold growth.

The school is saying that the HVAC was at fault, due to the venting system not properly working. Vents that were supposed to be closed were actually open, and humidity accumulated, and of course the moisture damaged insulation and ceiling tiles, etc… but the school officials expect the problem will be gone by the time school opens.

assessment from Byebyemold.

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