Mold Beware

Have you heard about the state supreme court jury deliberating over a woman who claims toxic mold exposure caused her infant daughter’s hospitalization nine years ago? The question was whether the mom or the mold had abused the baby. She was convicted of a misdemeanor count of child endangering. (The baby’s clothing had been washed in a mold-infested basement.) One reason she didn’t win the case because there are a lot of instances where mold is not taken seriously.

WE take mold seriously.

On another note…

I want to be a firefighter.

Firefighters can get a a state-of-the-art decontamination system that disinfects all surfaces wherever free air flows. The system breaks down their disinfectants into smaller than one micron particulates and gets everywhere and pretty much kills everything. Pretty handy. It’s supposed to even get mold.

Maybe we could go back in time and get one of those miracle machines to clean up that convicted mom’s moldy basement.

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