Mold Disease

There are health effects of moldy indoor environments, but there is significant controversy about what these effects are. This concern has led to a number of studies of mold affected habitats, like those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

In fact, there are cases of severe illness being judged the result of indoor mold exposure with a range including pulmonary, immunologic, neurologic, and oncologic disorders.

Valid concerns exist regarding the relationship between indoor mold exposure and disease including ergotism (Claviceps species), alimentary toxic aleukia (Fusarium), and liver disease (Aspergillys).

The chief affect of Stachybotrys exposure seems to be a subjective matter of degree, because many of its effects seem to be related to allergies. Allergies are subjective in nature, usually caused by extensive exposure, and differ in degree depending on the individual’s susceptibility.

More research for the relationship between mold and disease is called for. With all of the consistent symptoms experienced by those who live with mold exposure, the connection with disease is unlikely to be coincidental or spurious. But the lag of scientific examination leaves many victims of exposure related symptoms without definitive medical recourse.

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