Mold health Concerns

If you have been exposed to high levels of mold, you may wish to be tested by your doctor to see if you are hosting mold. If you have elevated mold levels in your home, you may also have it growing in your body. It might come to nothing; or you may develop a mold allergy, or be hosting a mold that excretes mycotoxins, the toxic compound excreted by mold.

Your physician may request mold antibody blood testing, a nasal swab, urine testing, or a chest x-ray.

Your physician may request we do a thorough mold testing of your residence to get specifics on what molds you are being exposed to as you breathe the air in your house, and touch the surfaces.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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