Mold in a Movie

In our day and time, a topic has never really arrived until it has hit the silver screen, and it appears that now mold has arrived. No, no one has done a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes with mold as the rampaging overgrowth, but mold indeed figures in a movie entitled Brooklyn’s Finest.

Mold figures predominantly in one of the primary character’s lives.

Liv Taylor is pregnant with twins, and her obstetrician warns her that she is endangering her pregnancy as long as she lives in a mold-infested residence. Perhaps someone should have told her to call Byebyemold to verify his diagnosis.

Yes, it is true, the evil in the movie clip below is a tomato evil, not a mold evil. But one can surely watch it and imagine the day when mold, too, will have a starring role in a film.

So, even though the government and science don’t have their act together where mold is concerned, apparently the director of Brooklyn’s Finest, Antoine Fuqua, does.

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