Mold in Capri

Capri Sun responds to mold found in drink pouches:

“You may have heard the reports about mold found in pouches of Capri Sun. We want you to know that Kraft takes this issue seriously. Nothing is more important to us than providing a high quality, wholesome product that you and your kids love. While we investigate several ways to address this issue, we’ve developed this list of frequently asked questions. Here’s what we know

Although it’s extremely rare, because Capri Sun does not contain any artificial preservatives, something many moms appreciate, it is possible for food mold to grow inside a pouch that has been punctured and is exposed to air. What usually forms is a common food mold similar to what might grow on fruit or bread. In the past, experts have told us there are no significant or long-term health effects associated with consuming this type of mold, though we understand how bad of an experience it can be for a child to drink. After all, we’re parents too.

We care about this issue. That is why we’ve invested millions of dollars in our product development, manufacturing and quality assurance work to make our pouches even stronger and more resistant to leaks. But sometimes tiny holes or tears can occur, especially after the pouches leave our facilities. That’s why we recommend that parents gently squeeze each pouch to check for leaks before serving Capri Sun to their kids. Any leaky or punctured pouches should be discarded.

In the rare event this occurs, we want to hear about it. That is why we have a dedicated team of experts – available at 1-800-227-7478 – to help.”

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