Mold in my Pet Food? Say it Ain’t So!

Dogs can pretty much eat anything, and will. So if a trusted company puts it in a bag, then it must be okay, right?


Last year there was a big buzz about Melamine in dog food.

Now Wysong Pet Food is pulling five batches of their Canine Diets Maintenance and Senior dry dog food — manufactured in June and July 2009 their pet food due to Penicillium and fusarium mold contamination.

Toxic food will kill pets. They can’t eat everything, and certainly not toxic food.

Just like the unwanted moisture in your houses, mold will grow on unwanted moisture in your pet’s food. So make sure to keep your eyes out for moldy pet food, and heed any recalls. Because Mold, respects nothing. If it can eat it, you will find mold in it.

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