Mold in Prisons

“There was big, dark, gray, blackish mildew around the air vent and that’s where the air was coming from … it smelled like death.” – Candie Hailey, Rikers Island pre-trial detainee.

Exposure to mold infestations is another environmental concern for prisoners across the country. In Oklahoma, 12 prisoners filed federal civil rights lawsuits over conditions at the Oklahoma County jail after the kitchen was closed in 2017 due to a mold outbreak. In West Virginia, mold caused all prisoners to be removed from the Anthony Correctional Center in Sulphur Springs. In Florida, reports of leaking and mold came from Santa Rosa CI, Putnam CI, the Florida State Prison, Union CI and Apalachee CI. In California, a guard filed a whistleblower complaint alleging toxic mold in FCI Mendota Prison was making some staff members sick.

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