Mold Infestation Causes Family Illness

A Loudoun jury recently awarded a family $4.75 million, for health issues resulting from mold in their home. The mold was caused by shoddy work by The Drees Company, charged with negligence and violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. The company denied responsibility in court–the Drees company had been contracted to repair including leaky windows in the basement, but the leakage continued. Mold testing results found “unusual mold conditions.” in 2007 and the family moved out of their $900,000 house, leaving behind most of their possessions requesting only that the contractors fix the problem so they could move back in. Doctor Ritchie Shoemaker who specializes in illnesses caused by water-damaged buildings verified that mold and other microbes in the house had produced toxins responsible for the family illness. Though they’ve moved from the infested property into another residence, it is going to cost an estimated $400,000 in repairs to make it habitable, and they don’t know what they’re going to do with it.

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