Mold Infested House Poses Health Threat to Queens Neighbours

Some residents of Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York, have complained that a nearby mold infested house has become a health threat for them.

According to them, the house sustained damages due to Superstorm Sandy and has since been left abandoned by the owners.

The next door resident Joyce Zoller said that the house is filled with debris and mold, which is contaminating her house too. “It’s affected my eye. My eye is always oozing. I’m back and forth to doctors. My lungs, I’m on inhaler,”said Zoller.

The residents of the house located on the other side of the abandoned house also reported health issues. One of the resident, Sherry Calamia, said, “My asthma has really gotten bad since we moved back…I have to use my steroids, my pumps every day.”

The house was over taken by HSBC after it went into foreclosure. They said that they are looking into the issue.

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