Mold is in the air…

In an article, the mold problem in the Buffalo Police precinct was debunked.

They say “Black mold was found on the walls in the building, but not in air samples” and that …” that air quality is not being negatively impacted by mold found in the ceiling.”

Don’t you just love “politicalspeak?”

The mayor even says “even though there was no “evidence of fungi found in the building”, officers will be kept out of the building until further notice.”

That’s smart, because the mayor knows–or surely his mold experts told him–what goes up must come down. Or to put it specifically, give it some time and it will be in the air.

Either the mold will continue its life cycle and give off spores normally, or dust will happen, some of it originating from the mold, or aggressive procedures will be taken (hopefully with remediators wearing hazmat), and that mold is going to be in the air.

There’s a REASON that officers will be kept out of the building until further notice.

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