Mold Litigation

Toxic mold litigation has become a common thing in the courts over the past decade, even though science is lagging behind in being able to successfully connect the dots between all the actual health effects and health risks associated with mold infestation. Although the victim’s response can be severe, it is also highly individualized. This is because those who are allergic have varying degrees of allergy. And while those who are sick as a result of actual mycotoxin poisoning might be easy to document, individuals who develop chronic conditions as the result of long term low grade exposure make up the majority of people affected; and this is the group where science has the most difficult time proving direct cause and effect. Simply people don’t live in a vacuum, and because people don’t live like lab rats in a controlled environment, environmental exposure varies in immeasurable ways.

But even if cause and effect can be difficult to prove in court even when it is obvious, some progress is being made. So whether you’re a homeowner whose contractors failed and caused mold in your home, or you’re a renter whose landlord has failed to fix leaks and handle humidity and allowed mold to grow in your rental unit, you may have some recourse as long as you carefully document the conditions, and do everything in your power to keep conditions healthy.

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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