Mold One Liners

New Trend in Advertising

We’re barely out from under Gustav, and now there are 3 more storms lined up to follow. So instead of mold news this week, my mailbox is full of advertisements for mold cleaning products, plus a new trend of digg-like one line advertisements. You know, the kind that has a real catchy headline that you click to follow, only instead of finding the article to support it, there’s just a line for a business. I suppose it is an improvement over having to read page after page of redundant mold advice. In the mold-fighting biz, the real question is how many ways can you say control the leaks and remediate where need be?

But of course the problem is that with storms like the ones that are coming, there will be flooding; and in the floods, there will be new victims learning about flood-related mold for the first time.

Keep your eyes out for lots of mold ads this week. Short ones. Remediators and assessors will all be out this week doing their jobs.

Y’all stay dry now, ya hear?

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