Mold Problems for Savannah Emergency Services

On December 12, Savannah Fire & Emergency Services (station 7), near the intersection of Sallie Mood and Eisenhower drives, is shutting down for remediation. This is the third fire station requiring mold remediation in two years. Savannah Fire stations No. 5 at 6 Henry St., and No. 11, at 931 Mohawk St. were both heavily contaminated with mold, and although they were both judged clean in May 2009 inspections, the two stations will be moving to new buildings once they are built.

Mold was found at the station and the building is closed to the public for remediation. In station7, a concentration of mold was found in ceiling tiles, the source being a water leak from an upper level dormitory air conditioning duct. The ductwork has already been repaired. Three quotes were offered for remediators. Fire fighters complain of a lack of maintenance in fire facilities and urges Savanna gov’t to improve their maintenance plans.

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