Mold Problems may Result from Melting Snow and Ice

Winter officially began only a few weeks ago, but already the Chicago area and the rest of Illinois has been hit with several snow storms. These annual winter storms not only bring out the shovels, but they also create situations that could cause indoor environmental concerns.

When the snowfall is over the problems are just beginning for some people. Ice damming during winter’s freeze and thaw cycles can be a huge problem. When the sun or warm weather begins to melt the snow and ice the resulting water on roofs has no place to go if the gutters are frozen solid or obstructed. The end result is often water flowing over a property’s siding and getting into cracks or simply leaching through the roofing material.

These conditions have roofers working overtime to help people with leaking properties. Unfortunately this same moisture not only means water damage and staining, but also potential microbial growth. Mold thrives in warm moist environments and that is what many homeowners may find on, and in, their walls and ceilings. Often this occurs in wall and ceiling cavities that are out of sight where the moisture can lead to mold growth in as short as 24 hours.

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