Mold Renovation at Schriever Senior Center; Seniors Put Out

The 50 or so senior citzens who used to daily visit the Schriever Senior Center are impatient and unhappy over the center’s closure during mold renovations.

The agency’s director explains that although mold levels are low, the testing is geared toward the building’s continued safety. Terrebonne Council on Aging has deep pockets—$7.56 million in their yearly budget. $58,860 was spent on remediation, $44,450 on a new roof. The remaining $25,000 for renovations won’t begin until the building is again cleaned and passes testing.

Center patrons say the agency is not communicating with them. That the old roof which was there during Katrina and Rita is still there, just covered up. That moisture trapped between the old and new roof, runs down the walls. The mold consultant won’t reveal the results of the testing, and said although current levels are safe, the building still has moisture problems.

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