Mold Video

This segment outlines the 3 levels of health effects of mold exposure.

Experts featured on the series:

Barbara Sue Bolin — Aerotech Laboratories
Janice Jones — Aerotech Laboratories
Industrial hygienists
Daniel Bridge PhD CIH — Rimkus Consulting, TX
Geoffrey Clark — PE Service, TX
Stuart Salot PhD CIH — CTL Environmental Services, CA
Richard Krentz CIH — Sterling & Associates, CA
Kyle Dotson CIH, CSP, PE — Dotson Group, TX
Remediation experts
Bob Krell — IAQ Technologies, NY
John Lausevic — PGCC, CA,
Tom Sandoval — Marcor Environmental, CA

Dr. Eckert Johanning — NY
Vince Torres — University of Texas, TX
Bruce Ferguson — EnviroLogix, ME
Kathy Lauckner — University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
Vincent Miller PhD — Aerotech Laboratories
David C. Straus, Ph.D. — Texas Tech University

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