Mold vs. City Hall

Another town’s city hall struck down by mold.

It’s not unexpected. Combine buildings with water, and, well, buildings have a lot of cellulose-eating mold to feed.

This time it is Linn Valley City Hall. They had it tested for mold, and it scored high, i.e. in the “existing serious condition” range. So first the city council spent the $350 for the testing. Then, the same specialist bid $4000 to clean up the building. (We don’t recommend the remediator and the mold tester be the same entity.)

But that was too much money for them. So, the city council is lobbying for volunteers to move the furniture to a new location at the first of the week. Ironically the new location is the former city hall offices, now the Property Owners Association.

I’d recommend then that they take bids for a licensed contractor to come in and do the work.

I wonder if the new building is under warranty?

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