Moldy Dream House

The honeymoon is really over when you come home to your dream home that is making you sick. Which is what happened to Danielle Beety who refers to her experience as like an episode of HOUSE. Her mystery illness was a 5-centimeter abscess in her neck (surgically removed) and fever that returned every time she and her newlywed husband returned to their new home.

The environmental engineer who did air and wipe testing in their leaky basement and found elevated levels of mold and gram-negative bacteria – resistant superbugs that cause respiratory and other ailments. Doctors and the environmental engineer told them to grab their dog and move out.

So they did.

Foreclosure on their house will begin soon, but they’re leaving everything behind. The builder denies that the house caused the illness. Internationally known microbiologist Chin S. Yang links the housing boom and environmental-health issues. He believes that rapid building to keep up with the housing boom resulted in less than high quality buildings suffering with sick building syndrome. Toxic bacteria and mold are a trigger of health problems. For some of these toxic homes, demolition is the only solution.

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