Moldy Environment Health Perspective

CDC research says that asthma affects 17.3 million people yearly (10 million adults and 7 million children), costs more than $10 billion for medical care, causes over 10 million missed school days and more than 5000 deaths.

Indoor dampness and mold study shows “evidence of the relation between workplace exposure to indoor molds and the development of asthma in adulthood.” Mold triggers allergic reactions ranging from wheezing, sneezing, shortness of breath, skin rashes, upper respiratory irritation, coughing, eye irritation, headaches, lethargy and more.

Medically defined allergic syndromes related to mold include Allergic Bronchopulmonary Mycosis, Allergic Fungal Sinusitis, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, Pulmonary Mycotoxicosis and Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis.

There are over 10,000 mold related law suits pending in the nation. (Notwithstanding home exposure,) there is evidence of a relationship between workplace exposure to indoor molds and adult-onset asthma.

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