Moral of the story: Inspection, Inspection Inspection

In the news:

A 7-year old home making a family sick.

Air seeping in between the foundation and joists leaves condensation in insulation, wetting walls and feeding mold, sending respiratory problems through the entire family living in the building. The current owner Neil White complained to the builder but the builder denies responsibility because the original owner altered the house, and “may have damaged the moisture barrier.”

However, according to the original home inspection records, the foundation inspection report bears a “not acceptable” allocation. The city never inspected his foundation. The home owner believes this makes the city responsible but according to building official, Kevin Griffiths, the lack of a foundation inspection “is acceptable under provincial inspection rules and does not subject the city to liability.” There are three types of city inspection, pre-backfill,pre-board (before the frame is covered) and pre-possession. Having two out of three is acceptable. But the homeowner says there were NO inspections, and he’s stuck with a damaged house he can’t sell, can’t fix and can’t live in.

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