Moremold Hills? Inspection or Bust

Morehead Hills apartments starts at $721 for a one-bedroom, and $844 for a two-bedroom unit, and some of these units come with free mold and other problems.

Although the management division director for California Commercial Investment Group says there are opportunities for tenants to report issues, he complains that tenants aren’t doing it. He believes that a tenant intentionally failed to report a minor leak for personal gain, then called official agencies about it. The tenant however, feels that he’s being targeted for speaking up. Other tenants claim to have complained to the onsite manager about mold, carpet stains, and other issues; and other tenants are afraid to complain lest the get booted out.

Hud’s inspection rules that the building currently doesn’t meet HUD standards. The property is a Section 8 property for people over 62 or disabled and public money covers their payments.

Hud has ordered a closer inspection.

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