New Homes Face Mold

Special assistant to state Sen. Marty Golden, Anthony Testaverde, said, “This here is a mini-Katrina.”

Even the new walls in Gerritsen Beach will mold.

The effects of Superstorm Sandy are anticipated to run wild in 2000 Gerritsen Beach homes as warmer mold-friendlier weather comes.

All the residents homes were flooded.

Flood waters filled basements, and crawlspaces and seeped into the first floors. Residents had walls replaced. But the cleanup wasn’t complete and mold is already growing (regrowing?) behind the sheetrock.

Families in Gerritsen beach hadn’t been forewarned like Coney Island; they weren’t expected to flood, so families were home when flash flooding happened. Many families went to Resurection School on Gerittsen Avenue when it was converted into a makeshift shelter.

What recourse will they have if the clean-up was inadequate, and they’re facing mold in the spring?

Can you spell L-a-w-s-u-i-t?

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold.

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